A Year in an Instant


Day 97

Instant photo for Day 97 of “A Year in an Instant” by Nuno Coelho Santos


I went with Erica and Kanae to the Zōjō-ji today, to make my new years wishes. I just wished for happiness for my friends and family. We had Japanese foods and sweets at the stalls in front of the temple. Above is a photo of Kanae on the left and Erica on the right. Below is my fortune:

We’d like to have such a strong mind as if a mossy rock has never moved an inch for a thousand years.

Your Fortune: Very Good. With a firm mind don’t get irritated, and work hard as usual. Don't poke your nose into anything. Always be modest.

Wish: It will be arranged. Don't go ashtray.

Expected visitor: You’ll hear from her(or him), though he(or she) won’t come.

Missing thing: It can’t be found, hidden behind other things.

Travel: No problem.

Business: No loss, little gain.

Study: Don’t be lazy. Set your target early.

Speculation: Take a risk, and you’ll get a big profit.

Game and match: You’d better be modest.

Love: Good. Tell your parents.

Removal: No profits.

Childbirth: Take it easy. No problem.

Illness: Don’t worry too much.

Marriage proposal: Think it over yourself. Don’t trust others.

I know I must be more modest. Could the expected visitor be Mio? What am I missing? Should I extend my Japanese course? Could the risk be starting my own studio?

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