A Year in an Instant


Day 7

Instant photo for Day 7 of “A Year in an Instant” by Nuno Coelho Santos

Today is the first day of me working remotely. I have unlimited coffee beans from Guatemala, a grinder, filter coffee machine, kettle, two beverage vending machines and assorted treats. The Shibuya MOV coworking space is located in the Hikarie, 8th floor, and costs ¥19,000 per month for a full-time membership. I consider it fairly priced for the convenience of the location if all you need is a desk to get work done on your laptop.


Internet download speed is 80.40Mbps and upload speed is 29.78Mbps. Ping time is 19ms. Tested on speedtest.net.


The photo above was taken in Shinjuku late at night on the way home. Somehow this is my familiar area. I came out here looking for somewhere that makes me feel at home.

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