A Year in an Instant


Day 60

Instant photo for Day 60 of “A Year in an Instant” by Nuno Coelho Santos


Today I met Marina at Streamer Coffee Company. I go to this café so often most of the staff recognise me. Marina is a design graduate from Tokyo, but she was raised in San Fancisco and did high school in New York. It’s great to meet someone who speaks English fluently. She was preparing for a job interview on the seat just accross mine.


As I’m waiting for Shun at Bridge. I notice one of baristas from Streamer is here. We say hello and introduce each other formally for the first time. Her name is Yungji. She’s stunning.

I suppose I’m being introduced to her friends as I can’t understand Korean. The girl with black hair gives me a docile slap in the face without a word. This must mean hello. Later she’s at the DJ booth and I’m taking photos. Her name is Mari.

She opens the door and asks for my Facebook. I’m busy, I tell her to wait. I zip up my trousers and wash my hands. A guy walks in but he doesn’t seem to care. We leave the toilet and exchange details. I have a feeling I’ll be seeing Mari at Womb next week.

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