A Year in an Instant


Day 59

Instant photo for Day 59 of “A Year in an Instant” by Nuno Coelho Santos


I received a rejection email from the hiring manager handling my interview at Google. Being rejected from Google twice has to at least be admired. I also turn 25 today.


New definition of success: Living happily making the best work I can make rather than belong to a socially recognised place of successful people.


I met Shun and Kaoru today. They are good friends. They listen, don’t judge, give only solicited and most times useful advice, and don’t take things too seriously. Unlike me.

We were at the Tasuichi (たすいち) in Shibuya. Tasuichi is a very foreigner-friendly bar, and as Shun and Kaoru have lived outside of Japan for most of their lives they classify unofficially as half-foreigner. After that bar we went to the Hub. Hub is chain of British-style pubs in Tokyo and if one day you have a chance to visit a Hub pub in Tokyo I highly recommend you visiting another, more interesting, venue.

The silhouettes on this photo are people looking over the Shibuya crossing at the Hikarie (ヒカリエ) building on the 8th floor.

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