A Year in an Instant


Day 46

Instant photo for Day 46 of “A Year in an Instant” by Nuno Coelho Santos


Today is my sister’s birthday. Right now, the person I miss the most. More than my parents, or my best friend. From the moment I moved to London we stopped speaking as much. But when 5 years later she also moved to London it was like I met a lost family member. All our differences were put away and it became clear how inspiring she has been throughout my life. It also became clear how nothing replaces a sibling whom you can trust all your problems with. And that is why I miss her so much today. Because we needed each other.

I wish you a happy birthday, with much love.


I had a phone interview with a hiring manager at Google for a role in the Tokyo office 30 minutes ago. Working at Google must be my dream. Working at Google in Tokyo was farfetched. The role they are hiring for is for an Interaction Designer. Kazuki told me my experience is suitable for the role, my only disadvantage is not having design experience targeted specifically for Asian users.


I met up with Paul Gates today, and we explored the area of Shinjuku. Paul is a former colleague at ustwo. After a few drinks he asked me if I would ever go back to ustwo. “Yes. Of course”. ustwo was probably the best place I ever worked at. During my time at ustwo I was very happy, hungry to grow, and also immature. I had to go. Maybe one day I’ll have a chance to go back.

Here’s a group photo at The Waterfall in Shinjuku. Thank you Shun for taking this photo. From left to right you can see Shohei, Kevin, me, Paul, Lucas and Ryleigh.

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