A Year in an Instant


Day 32

Instant photo for Day 32 of “A Year in an Instant” by Nuno Coelho Santos


I can finally say I belong. I have a Japanese phone number. This changes absolutely nothing but the fact that I can now say that I have a phone number and call the emergency number. After Googling what the emergency number is.

I’ve visited BIC Camera 3 times so far with the goal of obtaining a SIM Card contract with a phone number. Today I successfully signed a 1-year contract with 3GB of data per month and a number to receive and make phone calls (at extra cost). This costs ¥1600 per month before tax.

The current tax level is at 8%. A raise of 3% from 5% last year. And set to rise to 10% in 2017. The rise to 8% was the first in 17 years and caused a recession in the economy. I worry about the Japanese economy.


Tonight is Halloween warm up night. The “real” Halloween happens tomorrow. Everyone goes out to Shibuya and parades around the street, showing off their outfits, meeting people, taking lots of photos and drinking. Imagine a New Year’s, Carnival, Cosplay convention and Tinder party all at once. Dressing slutty is normal and respected. Having a very hard to decipher outfit is hardly regarded as cool. And group outfits are popular.

The best things I’ve seen: About 6 people dressed as Mario Kart characters driving in Mario Kart cars around Shibuya. A group dressed as Tetris pieces. Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter performing a fight. A group of 4 Nolan Dark Knights, fitter than Christian Bale. A guy dressed as a shrine. Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

I get it now. Halloween is like fresher’s week. Christmas is like Valentine’s day. New Year’s is like Christmas. Valentine’s is Valentine’s. And White Day is Valentine’s again.

Tonight I’m Peter Parker. I’m ready.

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