A Year in an Instant


Day 10

Instant photo for Day 10 of “A Year in an Instant” by Nuno Coelho Santos

Today I visited two more apartments with Fontana. Myself and Samson are now friends after the incident of my last visit. I met him at the Fontana office, took the photo above, and visited an apartment in Sasazuka and another one in Sangenjaya.

The first apartment in Sasazuka is the largest I’ve seen so far, with a kitchen, living room and bathroom in the lower floor and bedroom on the upstairs loft. Clothes, shoes, paintings and textiles fill every corner and wall space of this apartment. The current owner must be a fashion or textiles student. The rent for this apartment is ¥90,000 excluding bills.

The second apartment is in Sangenjaya. This is a smaller apartment with a small bathroom, kitchenette and main room with a single bed, wardrobe and desk. It has very large sliding doors at the end of the room that give access to the balcony. Despite being smaller, the interior of this apartment seems more carefully thought out. The size also seems more appropriate for a single person with very few belongings like myself. The monthly rent for this apartment is ¥80,000 excluding bills.

As usual I asked my friends for opinions. All of them unanimously recommended me the area of Sangenjaya. They say it has a lot of nice cafés and restaurants. Sasazuka only has a better supermarket. I decided to put my social house plans away and made a deposit for my future apartment in Sangenjaya.

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