A Year in an Instant


Day 113

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It’s the first day of snow in Tokyo. The prettiest I’ve ever seen.

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Day 112

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Another day of school. I met Maika for coffee after class. She accepted a job offer as a secretary, which is a step up from being a masseuse. I'm happy for her.


The first time I met Maika was at Erika’s nabe pot party a few weeks back. We started texting after that. Her relationship with her boyfriend was not going well and they broke up recently. This seems to be a common story in her past. We have met a few times but nothing has happened between us. I don't feel like I have energy to put on short lived relationships.

Day 111

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I went to gym after class today. It’s been a long time. I feel guilty for eating 1 kilo of udon yesterday for dinner.

The gym I go to is called Tip.X Tokyo, which a more specialised type of Tipness gym. In Tokyo, other gym options are Anytime Fitness and Gold's Gym. I joined this gym originally because it was the closest to my apartment in Sangenjaya.

The photo above was taken on the elevator on the 5th floor of the Tip.X Shinjuku.

Day 110

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I met Taru, Su Bin, Misato and Su Bin’s friend at the Roppongi Hills Tokyo City View. We saw an amazing exhibition of the Foster + Partners exhibition alongside the glowing city view. I wish my sister was here, she would love it.

After a good couple of hours on the 48th floor of the Mori Tower we hunted down a famous udon shop in Roppongi called Tsurutontan. I ordered the biggest size bowl.

Above you can see Taru on the left and Su Bin on the right just before having their delicious udon.

Day 109

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I met Mr Mendo for dinner today. We outlined and specified all the work for The City Reporter app. I really want to get this done. It might be my first iOS app. Finally. After years dreaming.

Luis took me to the thai restaurant Kaffir Lime. Incredible and authentic. Next to a seemingly popular gyoza restaurant called Harajyuku Gyozalo.

Above is a photo of Kohei Okada and Julie Skogoreva at BANK Gallery, where I met Luis before dinner.

Day 108

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Today was the Go! Go! Nihon international students welcome party. Go! Go! Nihon is a start-up that helps students find and enrol in language schools in Japan, for free.

The party was nothing special. But Su Bin, Svieta and I went to Medaka after the party for some drinks and food. We had a really great time together.

Day 107

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I had another meeting at IDEO this morning. Things seem to be going well and I have a feeling I could get an opportunity to work with them.

At school we had a different teacher today. I have only 3 hours and a half of teaching every day, but it feels like a whole day of classes.